In my previous post, we took a look at how to create and manage content for a Gridsome powered blog using Netlify CMS.

Netlify CMS is an easy-to-set-up content management system that uses file storage and direct updates on Git repositories to keep track of changes. …

Curating and editing content is a big part of maintaining a site, traditionally this meant using a CMS like WordPress, and in many cases managing databases and servers. With Netlify CMS we can create, edit and publish content without needing to set up databases or connect our sites to those…

A visualization of global migration and its relationship with the United States.

Photo by Mariko margetson on Unsplash.

Global migration, as defined by the Cambridge dictionary, is a situation in which people go to live in foreign countries, especially to find work. While the primary and ideal reason for immigration is to search for work opportunities…

Understanding visualization design handoff.

Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash.

Complex data visualization projects often involve collaboration between people with specialized skills. Visualization project teams often include designers, developers, data experts, and project coordinators where each member of the team has skills geared towards specific phases of the project.

Money that’s literally a click away!

Hi, its Iby (I lead the engineering team at Verifi)

It was hinted at in our last email and I am super excited to announce a new feature we just rolled out today. It is called Owo.

Why are salaries paid once a month? Or in the west, once every…

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